Monday, September 14, 2009

Fishing for inspiration...

Please listen to this beautiful song by Jars of Clay, one of my favourite Christian band, while i'm working on my next post - A beautiful friendship (part 2)...can't wait for it to complete.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A beautiful friendship (pt 1)

Ten years ago, three young hearts were left broken and hurt…
And yet, ten years have passed them by…
Can the broken hearts be Mended?
Can the wounded souls be Healed?
Can a lost friendship EVER be Restored?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Almost undiscovered

'I Am His' (pt 2)

Yes! I am 'His' and 'He' is mine!!
But wait a minute…thought we were talking about exchanging marital vows by the pool? What was I doing inside the pool then?…
GOTCHA!!! I’m neither married nor engaged, nor anything close to that…=p

It was my BAPTISM DAY! The day I declared to the world; my life belongs to Christ. Now here’s the Question, “Why do we need to get baptised when we’ve accepted Christ as our saviour? Baptism is just a picture, it does not save us”, many may ask. However, you ought to also understand that:

Baptism = The Personal Obedience to Christ.

Baptism is a clear command of Christ (Matt 28) and of His disciples (Acts 2). It is a command, not an option; the command must be obeyed. It is only the disobedient who are not baptised (Luke 7:29-30). Baptism is the first expression of our obedience to Christ and our willingness to hand over our lives to Him. Not being baptised would not prevent the salvation, but is being done as a public act of obedience to God and to the local church.

Submergence (down into the water) = crucified with Christ marks the death of oldself & sin =P

Emergence (out from the water) – marks the newness in life & alive in Christ =) two sisters got baptised...hallelujah! praise the Lord~*
giving thanks to the Lord~*
And the journey with the Lord truly begins...

spotted mum in tears...

great looks run in the =p

church friends & acquaintances~*

thank you everybody for the love & support~*

thanks for the gifts & wishes =)

special thanks to auntie leonie...oops soree for the candid shot =p

Thursday, September 10, 2009

'I Am His' (pt 1)

19 April 2009, the day I publicly declared…’I Am His’.

For many years I have been praying, seeking my parent’s approval and blessings upon our relationship. My relationship with Him was not as smooth-sailing as it may seem. There were up and down moments that at times, i just wanted to call it quit…but somehow, He managed to woo me over, again and again…and the relationship was saved for good.

Now, right before my sight was a very large pool, all eyes were on me. I stood frozen, almost could not catch my breath; my heartbeats were racing against time. I caught my mum weeping silently, dad comforting her by the side. Acquaintances were waiting anxiously for the three words…’Yes I Do’…the ultimatum.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, my life was about to change…

to be continued…